Why can’t I give lives to my friends?

missmichelle9missmichelle9 Posts: 1
Recently, I am unable to give lives to my friends who are on lower levels. Before I used to be able to visit a level without having to play it first and click on my friends to donate lives.  Now I have to play the level to see my friends. If I lose than I lose a life on a level I already passed 😩If I win I can donate lives, but just wasted time playing a level I already completed. Plus now I cannot win the Yeti bonus donate 10 lives before times up because only 3 of my other friends are on the same level as me. I am not allowed to donate more than one life to them at a time, so it is very frustrating. Please fix this issue like it was before where I can donate lives on previous levels and make the game fun again!


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