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its your loss

Namrata_LodayaNamrata_Lodaya Posts: 96 Level 3
now that you have stopped giving helpers like hammer hands etc after collecting 'C' its your big loss
as i used to play regularly every day to collect 'C' after completing my 15 level season 
now i have stopped playing as no helpers are collected  


  • MataiceAlisonMataiceAlison Posts: 313 Level 4
    king returned the sugar drops to every player "C" may be you need to update your game app
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  • ElsaElsa Posts: 35,142 Sweet Legend
    Hi @Namratqa_Lodaya, welcome to our community.  As @MataiceAlison wrote, you should now have the sugar drop challenge in your game but some have the old way and some are getting the new rewards which are timed boosters.

    I would like to take a moment to offer you a message for all newbies to learn more about our community which you can find here.  We always run contests so be sure to do them for a chance to win gold bars.

  • DeryckDeryck Posts: 828 Level 5
    Namrata_Lodaya  Adding on to what Elsa mentioned, you should still be able to collect the normal storeable boosters (including hammers & hands) at King.com like me (https://king.com/game/candycrush). The old Flash platform is unaffected by the new changes.
    If you're getting the new timed boosters from the quest, that only happens on the mobile/Win10 app version, which uses the new HTML5 platform. I've yet to hear of any player getting the normal boosters from the mobile/app version.
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