5340 is too hard. First you have to get 400000 points now its 550000! Also when you use a coloured bom you dont get many points. In one game I used 10 and got nowhere near getting 400000 points even.


  • Dawn_AdamsDawn_Adams Posts: 4
    edited September 11
    550,000 points required and yet after the exploding bombs are cleared, each chocolate bomb only creates about 10,000 points.  No possible way to clear without using an advantage of some sort. 
  • mysticalmystymysticalmysty Posts: 11,354 Superstar
    Hi @YvonneStemp & @Dawn_Adams Welcome to our community Candy Crush Friends section, I’m afraid that you both posting on the wrong section of the game, but don’t worry and no need to repost it again, I will ask our CM to place it to the right section where it belong. Have a nice evening / day 🤗
  • Jim_PiereJim_Piere Posts: 11
    I agree, been playing , 40 times now, using 3 flying saucers...bombs... seems impossible
    .  I got over the original 4000 a couple times.  Sucks!!!
  • Jim_PiereJim_Piere Posts: 11
    Where is the right section?
  • Dawn_AdamsDawn_Adams Posts: 4
    I finally used 5 extra moves feature as I got within 2500 of 550,000. Wasn’t going to give that up. 
  • kashcandykashcandy Posts: 2
    I played this board for hours today and finally passed it. Here are a couple of key points...

    1. Wait until you have nine (not seven or eight) of the SAME color for the bombs and use the color bomb booster to crush them. That will give you about 350K+ points.

    2. Only use color bombs to crush the bombs.

    I started the level off with two color bombs.
    There were nine blue bombs and three green bombs. I killed the three green bombs (and green candy) with a CB and got 113K+ points. Next, I killed the nine blue bombs (and blue candy) with another CB and had a total of 500K+ points with 21 moves left. 

  • Jim_PiereJim_Piere Posts: 11
    Do you mean the squares?  When I take to square bombs at beginning I get about 350000, but tried again and maybe got 100000.    So the black speckled bomb, just wait until there are 9 regular colored candies?  I'll try.  Thanks!
  • kashcandykashcandy Posts: 2
    @Jim_Piere, I'm not sure what you mean by squares. I'd suggest starting the level with a color bomb booster if you have one. If not, you can wait until they start dropping. Yes, when loading the game to play, I had 9 blue bombs...not regular blue candies. I killed the 9 blue bombs at once with a color bomb booster and that one move gave me 350K+ points.
  • Jim_PiereJim_Piere Posts: 11
    Ah ok...I just got 4350000.  Damn, this is hard!  Thanks for your help.  Dont think I have ever seen 9 color bombs (the square ones, at one time)...
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