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Why do you have the jackpot on the daily wheel?  Honestly statistically that thing should come out far more that well, never.  I mean there is 8 slots on it and doing it daily for years and years ....well it should come out....so I guess I'm asking what' s the point?  I've seen many complaints about it.  Any plans on revamping it at all?


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    Hello @Tammy_Kory - they are currently looking at revising the daily wheel.  I know some people who have won it 3 times and some who have never won it (I have won it once in 7 years).  I don't actively try and get it - instead I try and get the hammer or switch and I would say about 40-50% of the time I am successful.  If I actually win the jackpot - I just consider myself lucky.  However you have a much better chance of winning similar prizes by completing the sticker challenge or win the top prize in Dexter's Space Race or growing Rami/Didi.

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  • I noticed today the booster wheel is changed today.  Instead of the jackpot being an  equal size  slice of pie as all the other prizes, (which implies equal likelihood to win it, 1/8) now it is a skinny little blue   slice with stars that doesn't even say what you get if you land on it..  Maybe this more accurately communicates the odds of winning it.  I have always assumed that the prizes do not have equal odds the way a real roulette wheel does.  I spin the wheel every day, been playing  for 8 or 9 years, and only hit the jackpot once.  Are the jackpot prizes  the same as before?
  • MisstiaMisstia Posts: 1
    I just wanted to say I have been playing this game since 2010 I just love it. U DID RECEIVE THE JACKPOT ONCE. THANK YOU KING TEAM FOR DEVELOPING THIS GAME❤️🖤🧡💜💙💚🖤
  • jille426jille426 Posts: 1
    Years ago, I hit the Jackpot several times. Maybe even 7-8. I was around level 500 and connected the account to Facebook. Unfortunately the game glitched - I lost all progress and the game restarted. On this new restarted game, I’m now at level 3,365 and have NEVER won the jackpot. It’s definitely broken in some way as the arrow has stopped in some impossible positions to avoid giving it to me. I’ve spun that wheel probably 3,500 times. Fix the issue! It’s not even that big of a “win” but I definitely feel cheated.
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