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Fantastic 5 team page greyed out (REPORTED TO THE GAME STUDIO)

DonnaMarie_DonnaMarie_ Posts: 14 Level 2
edited October 2019 in Support
I get points notifications as I earn them, but can't open Fantastic 5 team page with totals. Is there a way to fix?

Best Answer

  • Jelly_JennyJelly_Jenny Posts: 1,889 Community Manager
    edited October 2019 Answer ✓
    Hi everyone :waving:  

    We have notified the game studio of a possible issue with Fantastic Five.

    One thing to notice: If your Fantastic Five is greyed out, it still should work if you play on and collect points. So I encourage you to keep on playing and checking if your leaderboard comes up updated then. 

    Apologies for the hassle!


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