I can not proceed to the next level even tho the fairy is on zero. I am also not getting any lives.

bottlecap219bottlecap219 Posts: 2
I am playing on my pc so am not on facebook. I have read that I can manually be moved to the next cycle and have requested that, but no reply.


  • Werner_CichyWerner_Cichy Posts: 5,524 Legend

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    Do you play directly on King.com in the old version? Or with the Windows 10 app on the PC? Usually you do not need any activation for the next level in the app on the PC? At which level are you.

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  • bottlecap219bottlecap219 Posts: 2
    Yes, I'm playing directly on King, I'm using a PC, not sure if it's the old version but I usually get lives when I want to move to the next level. I'm trying to get to 741.
  • Werner_CichyWerner_Cichy Posts: 5,524 Legend

    Yes, this old version of candy crush saga is no longer supported by King. She also stops at level 2845. The new version is the HTML version. This is possible to play either on mobile devices or via facebook. If you have Windows 10 on the PC, you can also download the app in the Microsoft Store

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