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nasrukamadinasrukamadi Posts: 2
Am alex from kenya....i would like to get some help...am looking for this lady calles beth...i see her as a playmate on candy crush n would like to meet her...i help her with lives whenever shes loses n she helps me too whenever i lose...please...i would apreciate it alot


  • ijobaijoba Posts: 1
    The lady should be part of your Facebook friend's  list
  • nasrukamadinasrukamadi Posts: 2
    So there is no way i could meet her from here so that i could hive her my facebook name?
  • budda1971budda1971 Posts: 2
    Hello,I am new here and have a question about badges. I am on level 2328 and I have never received any ,anyone who could help it would be appropriated ty
  • candiswalliscandiswallis Posts: 10
    Can u please send me a live
  • satnamsatnam Posts: 165 ✭✭✭
    @budda1971 hello !!! How are you. Welcome to this beautiful community. Nice to see your comment .So now I am answering your question said by @xarly about all the important things to know point by point about badges , points etc.. 

    Hey everyone,

    We have revisited our whole points system in the Community and wanted to share with you all how it works, from A to Z!

    What are points?

    Points are scores you obtain from your engagement in the Community. The more points you have, the higher you can be in the ranks and the more you can access exclusive rewards.

    But... What are points for?

    Points are scores you obtain from your engagement in the Community. The more points you have, the higher you can be in the ranks. Here is how ranks currently work:

    ✭ You start with one star as a New Bee.

    ✭✭ Get two stars at 30 points and 10 posts - You are then a classmate.

    ✭✭✭ Get three stars at 100 points and 50 posts - You are one of our Buddies now!

    ✭✭✭✭ Get four stars at 250 points and 200 posts - Come here you, Bestie, and because of that, you now get the option to update your signature! Isn't that great?

    ✭✭✭✭✭ Get five stars at 500 points and 500 posts - A real Partner in crime. And for everyone to see you're part of the family, you get the Candy Friend Expert badge. Wow!

    Reach 1000 points and make 1000 posts and become a KING LEGEND

    And you thought that was it? No. 

    Become a Sweet Legend with 10 000 comments and points, then a Royal Legend with 25 000 comments and points and finally... an ULTIMATE LEGEND by reaching 50 000 points and making 50 000 comments!

    Who will be our first Ultimate Legend?! 

    Now go and enjoy your time here and remember, the more helpful and informative your posts, the more stars you will have B

    On top of that, we have leaderboards. On the Activity Section (and on every game's home page) you can see the top leaders of the week along with the all-time leaders. And what's even more exciting, we have prizesHERE is a thread that explains the different prizes you get as you reach certain milestones (5.000 points, 10.000 points, 25.000 points and 50.000 points). But remember: you have to comment on that thread once you reach those milestones so that we can give you the amazing rewards that come with it!

    If you want to make it to the top, you really need to check our next point!

    How can you collect points?

    Points can be obtained by 3 ways:




    You can find more on how each work below. Keep reading! hurrah 

    • Badges

      Badges are obtained in 3 ways:

      • By doing certain things (for example, commenting 50 times, or changing your avatar)
      • By receiving certain reactions (for example, receiving 25 Insightful reactions, or answering 5 questions the way the other player wanted)
      • By being rewarded them by the CMs (this could be a competition badge, a superstar badge, an expert badge, etc)
      You can find the list of all badges here.

      You will be able to see a full list of all badges and how many points each give. As a general rule, exclusive badges (like  Member of the Month or The Community Mastermind) give 25 points, whereas other easier badges (like First Dive)  give 2 points. Depending on the tier and how difficult and exclusive they are, badges can give 0, 2, 5, 10, 25 or 50 points.

      Feel free to explore the list of badges linked above and to see how many points each give and which ones you have and which ones you don't yet!

      All badges can be obtained! The question is - do you have what it takes?

      Please note that some badges were exclusive to certain competitions and are not obtainable at the moment. There will always be ways of obtaining exclusive and legacy badges, but you will have to keep an eye out for these!
    • Answers

      Answers imply all responses under the Support sections of every game. And here's the trick not many now:

      Answers give a lot of points!

      • Every time you answer another player, you get 2 points. (Only your first answer to a question will award points)
      • Every time a player selects your answer as the accepted answer you get 10 points!
      And on top of that, there are badges connected to answers as well. If you want to make it to the top of our leaderboards (which you can view here), we recommend you visit the "Unanswered" section of your favourite game to help players out and get as many points as possible!
    • Reactions

      We call reactions to those three cute interactions we have below every post of anybody.

      Each reaction gives different points, based on the value it brings to the post:

      • Insightful - Gives 2 points
      • Sweet - Gives 1 point
      • Hehe - Gives 1 point

      In this case, the player that received this, obtained a total of 12 points from it (3x2=6 for Insightful + 6 for Sweet!). On top of this, there are badges connected to Sweet and Insightful (Hehe badges will come soon). This means you can get points both from reaching certain milestones and also for the reactions obtained!

      Reactions are also a very nice way of thanking another player for their contribution, while also getting the benefit from helping and being nice to other members of this Community. They're a win-win!
    • That's it! I hope this guide helps you all understand how points work and how to get them.

      Feel free to leave any feedback or questions below smile.

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