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Candy Crush Saga Color Streak A New In-Game Booster: Make It More Appealing & User Friendly

mercerikmercerik Posts: 3,480 Legend
edited November 2019 in Tiffi's Idea Library
Color Streak is the latest In-Game Booster introduced late Monday night, November 4 and will be available thru November 17. It is new to all of us so we are still getting used to it. It is similar to Sugar Drops with a Twist. Here, you Earn, Activate and click the jar as it glows and let it paint the board with its Color contents to help you finish the level.

If you've played this, you'll know that you have to match the same color candies 4 consecutive times to completely fill the jar to the rim and really benefit from it. It is sometimes easier said than done because your success is dependent on what you have on the board. I noticed that after matching same color 3 times, it is not possible to do the 4th because there isn't enough same color to match or they are separated and couldn't be matched. Unfortunately, if you match a different color than what you've started, the jar reset to Zero. Bummer!!! 😞😞😞


Instead of Resetting The Jar To Zero when the 4th Match is not possible, why not give us the chance to get the Jar back with the 3 color contents earned earlier when the same color re-appears on the board and consider the match the 4th one as soon as it takes place?  This would really make this In-Game Booster a welcome addition and fun to be around. Don't you agree?

To the King Games Team:

We surely appreciate and give you credit for the enhancements you've done in the game!  It will be wonderful and will really help us more especially in Levels that are extremely difficult to Complete.

To the Members of this Community:

 Please VOTE by clicking the Green Vote Bar below! 

Thanks & Have A Wonderful Wednesday! 

Candy Crush Saga 5497   |   HARD LEVEL   |   1-Star ⭐   
|   How Color Streak In-Game Booster Works When 4 Consecutive Match Are Made
GOAL: Clear All The Jellies! 58 In 27  Moves.
Date Played & Recorded: November 5, 2019 @ 10:20 PM CST
Device & Version: iPhone 6+ iOS Candy Crush Saga App

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