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Friends/world Social space

J2ThinkJ2Think Posts: 1
Have a friends social space where you can chat, ask for lives, and add a new feature that allows people to play a level you are stuck on. I’m not sure how often you should be able to do this if it’s 24 hours or longer. Also how many people? I was thinking up to 5. People I play with said they would love that bc they always get stuck on a level. How it works with lives is I would say the person getting the help loses a life if the friend doesn’t beat it. Then I was thinking should you add an option that allows them to continue to play for you? Or would that be considered too much help? Also could limit to 5-10 levels. I’m also with the change of fantastic 5. I think it should be your friends and you could extend that into the social space bc i send and receive lives to about 5 people everyday so I would really enjoy having them apart of my squad. I was also thinking of sending and receiving perks or like a trade and be able to send gold to each other. It would be a great way for people to be comfortable with helping get them power ups. Also plz add something where we can send lives much easier plz. Add it to the mail or the ranking spot or into the social space because I’m like 700 levels higher then friends I send lives to and it’s so annoying. Thank you for listening.
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