It won’t let me sign into another Facebook

My original candy crush was in a different Facebook account. It signed me out of that Facebook but I continued my progress by maybe 20-30 levels, so it is not that significant. I decided to sign into my new Facebook and it reset me back to level 1. I try to sign into my original Facebook and it does not give me the option. It forces me to sign into my second Facebook, which is in level 1. 


  • JelloOceanJelloOcean Posts: 7
    I’m having the same problem and no help from King
  • DonkangDonkang Posts: 1
    i signed up specifically to give you an update from my constant research in fixing this... its simple... the removed the game from facebook and it cant sync to that data anymore. its broken completely now. and you have to start your progress again with the king account crap..
  • JelloOceanJelloOcean Posts: 7
    I was on level 1249 I’m not starting over... maybe the should make it easier to get in contact with them. I can’t even reply to them... cuz I can’t figure it out. 
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