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Level 6232

Timhung Posts: 1,487 Level 5
I don't know why there is no player to complain about this level.

Nearly Impossible amount.

30 moves need 25 chocolate orders. (The board is only given the chocolate spawners)


  • cobwellac
    cobwellac Posts: 77 Pro Player 👑
    I agree that it's ridiculous. I've even used boosters, but they were no help. I complained about level 6127, which was similarly stupid, but no one really cared. I eventually won 15 extra moves and was able to finish that one. I guess I'll wait to do the same here. I refuse to spend money on these stupid levels. 
  • spiller
    spiller Posts: 144 Level 3

    I agree! Ridiculous and I wonder at my own sanity posting as it seems King are too busy counting money! But I will add they are not counting mine. So many of earned boosters totally wasted!! Candy crush has lost its fun many times over-feel conned! And evidence backs me up time and time again.

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