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Newly Released Levels 6276 to 6320

I have now finished the new levels. Not an enjoyable experience, way too many sugar blockers, short fused bombs, and tons of ice !! Levels 6315, 6318 and 6320 are especially bad.
Now, I think deliberately, speckled bombs are nearly always hidden under layers of sugar blockers or ice, making it impossible to get speckled bomb combos !! I believe we all started playing this game for the enjoyment and as a test of our skill. Now it is a horrendous experience, with everything relying on luck and how many boosters and gold bars you are willing to use.
Then when finished we madly play every possible way to accumulate boosters. Surely this is not what the players want !!!
The original concept of the game has been lost to a quest for money !! They boast their is no advertising, but to me this would be preferable to the farce they have now created !!
Whoever sets the perimeters for design and marketing want to sit down and have a good hard look at what they have created. It presently is a monster waiting to be shot down to die a slow painful death !!


  • steinein
    steinein Posts: 95 Level 2

    Agreed. This used to be a fun game, now it is a slog. A drag. A job. The past few weeks have been extremely frustrating because there are more ridiculous levels than fun ones.

    I am not going to spend money on this game no matter what they do.

    And at this point 6318 is completely bugged because the fish destroy the spawners and the dispensers are not dropping licorice.

    King, you should be ashamed of yourselves!

  • Maria_Colella
    Maria_Colella Posts: 216 Level 3
    edited February 2020

    Agree 6318 is bugged! I see some people beat it so there are some lucky boards. I guess we have to wait our turn! :( Not Fun!

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