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GoranSGoranS Posts: 4 New Bee
I did what you told me, the game still looking for facebook. But i does not have facebook. So i can not use the boosterwheel .. need help mvh Göran


  • bearwithmebearwithme Posts: 6,166 Superstar
    Hello @GoranS - Thank you for writing your request in English.  I have a few questions - you said you don't have Facebook - do you mean you do not have a Facebook account?  Whether you have Facebook or not - it does not have any affect on the ability to use the booster wheel.  The main reason to connect your game to either Facebook or a king.com account (which is very easy to create if you don't have an account yet), is so that your progress in the game is not lost if something happens and you have to re-install the game or you want to transfer the game to another device.

    The booster wheel should show up in your game and you should be able to use it  without Facebook. You should see the booster wheel to the right of the game map.  When you click on it you should have access to several 'Power ups' including the Booster wheel - but you do need an internet connection in order to spin the wheel!

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