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New IPhone

cadi1985cadi1985 Posts: 2 New Bee
So I recently upgraded to a new IPhone and all the best features have gone?!
I no longer get the reward for logging in daily and most importantly the Build-a-Bot has disappeared completely... I normally have that feature near enough all the time so not having it and being able to build up extra moves and bonuses is what makes the game more fun to play... Can anyone help me understand why my features have disappeared!! 


  • JethrinaBodinaJethrinaBodina Posts: 385 Level 4
    Ohhhhh.....probably not a response you want to hear.... If you had to reinstall the game you have experienced what happens every day... You wake up to a different bunch of "features" and the ones you had may be gone.  
    One of the answerr I've gotten when asking the Support team why my devices have the same features and events but they are completely different than what my Mom has on hers is that there are grab I'd players with features others don't have ava I'd potter device. My Mom has two different sets of features between her tablet and phone. She's never had some if the features i have in my game!!!
    If you have played the game on your new phone and the features you had haven't returned.... Well, they probably won't. I often go from Facebook to King.com to see if the same account has different stuff between platforms and they don't for me.I
    I don't allow auto-updates to this game either. I lost features that I really miss from a update last November.
    You really never know what the next update will bring.
    It can't hurt to clear the cache ava log out and restart your device. It's helped me so it's worth the effort.
    Hope it works for you

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  • cadi1985cadi1985 Posts: 2 New Bee
    Honestly this has been the worst!
    i logged out and then deleted the app... reinstalled and logged in and ALL my bonuses are gone!!!
    i have over 100 colour bombs and 40+ lollipops 😫
    No build a bot though... safe to say I think I’m going to give this game a break for a long long time as this whole process has depressed me!! This was my favourite game to play and now I’m so upset by all this!
    Is there a way to get at least my bonuses back or are they gone too???
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