I cannot send lives requested by my friends

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    Hi @Elizabeth202020201 , Welcome to our Community 🙂

    I'm sorry but we only use English on the King Community, to make sure that everyone understand and can be understood. 

    Therefore, I'm going to close this thread for now. Please feel free to re-post your question in English and you can use Google Tranlations . and We will be happy to help you.

    Thanks for your understanding and have a great day!

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    Hello everyone, I would like to know if anyone can help me solve the following problem in the games of Candy, Farm, and Blossom. For more than a week I cannot send lives requested by my friends from these games, the requests they send me accumulate in my mailbox, when I try to send them the mailbox is opaque and sold as a circle that spins and spins, and then nothing, it is as if the mailbox was hung. How can I solve this problem? Thank you in advance!

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    Hola a todos.

    This is a problem that is known to the developers, you can read about this here.

    Perhaps the mechanics of all three games are the same (I do not try the other two mentioned, shame on me), but they must be working to fix this problem; maybe soon...

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    Hello and welcome to this community

    There is currently a problem with the envelope. I wrote to support a week ago and received no response. I will pass it on to my friend @bearwithme . Maybe she has information.

    Maybe @Pounawea could also publish it. Would be nice. Thank you

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    Hello there.

    That's some personal-looking stuff there (nice picture), perhaps you'll want to edit that out of there...

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    Hello @Elizabeth202020201 A Warm Welcome to our friendly King Community 🤗

    I am sorry to hear about the issue in your game!

    There has been an issue with each Lives in all the games you have specified above, but due to all different reasons! In some of the games, it was already taken care of.

    ** You will have to post a separate question in each game area as the issue is not same and we can talk / discuss about that particular game only in that specific game category. For example, we can talk about Candy Crush issue ONLY in this thread. To post different questions, please tap on "Games" tab located in the top left corner of this page and select the specific game to post your question.

    With regards to Candy Crush game, here is the main thread ---> "Issue with Lives" (click on these Green Fonts) go to this thread and keep an eye on the discussion to know updates about the fix of the issue.

    If you are having a complete different issue than all others, you can post your comment in that thread itself.

    Since I am redirecting you to the main thread, this thread will be closed now to avoid confusions.

    Thank you for posting in the Community! Have a great rest of the day/eveing!

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