Build a Bot boosters available for previous levels (Year 2)

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New poll created as instructed

Vote here to bring back Bot available for previous levels Y2

345 votes

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    Thanks @Elsa as you suggest tagging some who may want to vote or vote again to keep using the bot for previous levels this year.

    @58838 @1NellaNibor @addym @Aernath @Aheadofmyfriends @Albert_Heinrich @aleahgao @Alleri @Annecu @AnneMarie-2 @annmarie00 @AntCaz @anyamo82 @Aries2020 @Ashraf @ashwin3486 @B_May @B-2 @bb1 @bearwithme @beausug69 @bebeballena @believingmom @bevis007 @BigEasy04 @Blaidth @bluewavec1978 @BobTrees @Bounce777 @Buildabitch @canadiandingo @candycrusher77 @candyreb @Capadost @Carol_Martins @Cezdiamond @Charly-4 @chevvonnec @chillsville_ @ChocolateCherry @Chrissy41576 @chuck38 @clarabunda @CMReith @colourbird @crushaway @Debbie-5 @Deryck @Divaz @dj61 @Dkiss12 @Dorn @eezystrider @egabriel51 @emmibear @ernstbln @Errol_Satz @evengrwce1602 @Fakhruddin-2 @fatsduru79 @Filly_McBean @firebombmarkus @Flanje @Foley1362 @franks @frustratedandangry @GAR1952 @Gastón_Cenci @gatorcrunch @Ginger_Paul @gms @gnobahdi @Graeme_London @guxdude @HarryJack @heehawrules @Hipsy86 @Hodgiemama @HomeOfLove @hungryformkre @Ilana_Masad @imagwai @imsashafierce @JaneEB @Jasbilina @Jason_ProfessorCC19 @jayme @jcb51 @JDMom93 @Jelly_Jenny @JethrinaBodina @jetskier @JLynne4 @jmateo1 @jmesmall @JogOn @Jozeph_Marinus @jujube @julienoolie @Juniper @karkkivaras @Karlia237 @katerinescallan @katerinescallan @Katrina_A @kellan2001 @keyser_soze @kgamer @Khaos @kiara_wael @Kimmy37 @KingSlayer23 @Lady_T.0752

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    Tagging some more who may want to vote or vote again to keep using the bot for previous levels this year.

    @lakai @Lala_Crow @Larry_Bird @Lauralyn @lauriehed @lawgirl @leahjane10 @Lee_White-2 @Licky2019 @Liz_Bailey @lizmarie @lmbarnett @lotus2a @louiseT @ludwig @LuVerne @Lynette @Lynne_Mallya @mamacathy @MANSHA @Mary_Banman @Mary_Kay @MataiceAlison @Maureen-3 @Maxwell98 @me222 @mercerik @MichaKmbl @mikestewart @mjmacy @mommak @MrsPatata @Muis @mw111 @mynan @mysticalmysty @Namugga @nessa1982 @Nicky @Nictyme @nooey @NotHappy70 @Oakley_Arney @OinkyBoinky @outlaw @P2tt @paruthed2k @pathb143 @Paul_Holley @peanutsdad @Pete_Lashmar @pgibson @Phil_Cannon @piglet301 @poppydop123 @Pounawea @prophetic @Prudence_Chan @PummyRaj @Putts @pvalla2 @QueenB @rand @Reed_Hadley @reeree5982 @RegalRenz @Rhea58 @rknapper @robb @robb0995 @rockkstarr @Ron_Walters @Ruby @sam60308 @samkat59 @Sammyj @sarma_palash123 @Scooterpie @ScotlandtheBrave @scottysquirrel @seasong @shevawn @sissyk @Smiles8 @Sneaky @Somegirl @Spieler_8675309 @Spinnifix @spudboy62 @stacierose @Steve_Fischler @stevemo @stig499 @Stordita @stratton515 @Sue_Coyle12 @Sukanta_Biswas @sun34shine @SusanGaGu @Tander2000 @Tankergirl @Tee-3 @ThisIsNuts @tmalernee @TotoTennis @Traybor @TRICIA4955 @TURK1412 @Tyger @Unionjock @valeriemarie @Valour @Victor_10 @vinaych @Von_3 @Webbgirl49 @Wendywanderlusy @Werner_Cichy @xblueeyes11 @Yorben_Goeree @Yosca @Zash

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    I'm officially hooked on candy crush saga

  • Mary_KayMary_Kay Posts: 1,389 Level 5

    need more votes!

    Wash your hands. Wear your mask. Stay safe.

  • NhWendyNhWendy Posts: 35 Level 2

    I voted! How many times can you vote?

  • grrgrr Posts: 92 Level 3


    @NhWendy You can only vote once - if you try to vote a second time, it will take away your first vote and the number of votes will decrease by 1

  • SickfrogSickfrog Posts: 36 Level 2

    What's the point? King/Activision do not care at all about what the players think. All they care about is their bottom line and how to make more money. The ONLY way that King/Activision may change this back, is if a lot of players suddenly stop playing and uninstall the game. And I mean a lot of players. Not 10 or 100 or 1000, but a couple of millions or more. And we all know that is not happening.


    A sad and disappointed Sickfrog

  • Bumper2019Bumper2019 Posts: 3,271 Legend

    Sickfrog they will when they reach the hi levls and take a month and $50 2 pass each one.

  • Fluttershy23Fluttershy23 Posts: 3 Newbie


    I stopped playing the last time they did this and I will do it again if they won't change it back. It was just too annoying.

  • Nix666Nix666 Posts: 11 Level 2

    Voted! I’m so upset with this new update. It makes playing the game stressful rather than de-stressed. The only reason I have signed up on this platform, was to complain about this issue. I’m nearly at level 4000, and I can’t get past a level anymore. I’ve used up all my boosters. It’s just actually become frustrating to be honest. If they don’t set it back to how it was previously, I’m deleting the game.

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