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Newly Released Levels 6546 to 6590

Peter_Tornaros Posts: 1,569 Level 4

Level 6552 is impossible without using a heap of boosters and extra moves and then you get to 6583, it and 6584 and 6585 are all ridiculous and take a heap of boosters and extra moves to beat. In fact 6583 to 6590 are all very, very hard. The games studio needs to reassess many levels in the new releases. Tough levels are fine and I don't mind using boosters, but when levels are impossible without the use of an inordinate amount of boosters and multiple extra moves, then the game is becoming a money rip off and a joke.

Also, I heard a rumour the Sugar Trail is being axed. If this is not replaced with a similar booster gathering innovation, then you have convinced me the game is nothing more than a money making exercise. I don't mind spending within my budget, but I will not be going above it, therefore if there is not a way to collect boosters, I afraid I will stop playing !!!!


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