Lives Lost Exiting Unstarted Boards

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Why don't you show the community some love and stop taking lives for exiting an unstarted board??


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    Unfortunately, it is so. You could have played it. If you don't use it and go out of the game it's gone. Since it's free, it's fine too.

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    How about loss of about 25 or more lives I was storing? They just disappeared! I had over 30 lives stored (probably close to 40) and they re-set to only 7 (now 8 since a friend must have given me another life since yesterday.) How can I get King to give me back those lost lives?? Also, why does this platform show this stupid character as my profile photo instead of the Facebook Profile photo I use in the game. (When I play on my tablet, I get this shoddy treatment, but on this PC my Facebook Profile photo is used.) So annoying that the two platforms stopped coordinating months ago. My tablet is an Amazon Fire.

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