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Fantastic 1

Bumper2019 Posts: 3,271 Level 5
edited August 2020 in Tiffi's Idea Library

I would love to see a new feature in the game called Fantastic 1

How would it work?

There would be various levels throughout the game, let's call them Fantastic levels marked on the game map with an 'F' for identification, where if you make a nice combo it will mark a candy with the letter 'F'. Each time you take out an 'F'candy it will put it in a jar.

These would add up and give various useful boosters and gold bars as you progress through the 'Fantastic Track'. Once you have earned 180 F's it would trigger a timer meaning that you can't collect any more F's for another 8 hours

Each time you pass one of the Fantastic levels without losing a life it would gradually build up a 'Fantastic Fabrication' which would give extra starting boosters to be used on any level, culminating in 2 colour bombs, 2 striped and 2 wrapped and 3 extra moves until you lose a life.

If you like this idea please vote for it. If it sounds camiliar please vote to Bring Back Sugar Drops and Build a Bot for Previous Levels (Year2)

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