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Event Extravaganza 27 April 27 to 3 May!

Crazy Cat Lad
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This week it will be a total Event Extravaganza in Candy Crush Saga with bonuses and events running every day!

Mark your calendars with these events and days:

Monday & Tuesday Tiffi and the Beanstalk:

Complete the five levels all the way up on the beanstalk without losing a life to claim Tiffi's sweet rewards.

Tuesday to Friday Denize's Stardust:

Denize the Dragon is back and wants your help to light up the sky with stars. Collect stars on your levels and compete with other players. The top players in your leaderboard will be awarded!

Wednesday Party Rush:

Complete 30 levels and get the ultimate Party Booster! You will need to complete all the levels on Wednesday!

You can also win the Party Booster from Tiffi's House party here.


Thursday to Thursday (30 April to 7 May) The Crush is Real

Play a new level every day that is inspired by the players!


Friday to Sunday Golden Crown:

Collect 35 Golden Crowns by passing a level on the first attempt to be the real king or queen in the Candy Kingdom and win some extra sweet things to your game.


On top of all that....

Unlimited Lives all week long!

Check more info about the Unlimited Lives here.



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