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Celebrate with us the Level 7000 in Candy Crush Saga! 🥳

PounaweaPounawea Posts: 4,519 Community Manager
edited May 2020 in Discussions

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Dear community,

Today we are achieving another great milestone in the game… we are releasing the Level 7000!!!  🥳 🥳 Delicious!!!

More information about # of levels in Candy Crush Saga per platform -> HERE

Win10 players are going to be the first ones receiving it, but we want to celebrate the arrival of Level 7000 in Candy Crush Saga with all of you! 

We’ve prepared for you 2 surprises: 

  1. Receive a reward after completing level 7000 in-game!
  2. A special Community contest with chances to win more rewards for everybody!

🏆🥇First of all,I want to share with you that once you complete level 7000 in-game, you will be receiving sweet rewards!

Let me share with you a mockup of the in-game pop up:

But that’s not all!

🏆🥇This time, we have prepared an amazing community contest for all of you. We want to give chances to win prizes to all Candy Crushers around the world!

➡️ Don’t miss out on the chance to win amazing rewards! Find out more HERE.

Have a delicious day and happy crushing!



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