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  • Origins7_Dale
    Origins7_Dale Posts: 3,551 Pro Player 👑

    Hi @Yosca,

    Coconut Wheels are really useless. Because there are not many if any levels to use them on in the higher levels. But UFO's are nice, if you can get them.

    If fact I think there was a comparison done here on CW's. Someone asked how many CW's you had, think it was over 5000 or so. You understand that if you have that many, you didn't need them, it is just a useless reward.

    Just like the "Space Race", its 6 hours of timed boosters, but it is useless to those at the end of the game. Because they pay it on mon., new levels are on weds. There are no new levels to use it on.

    To make this as simple as possible, if you can not use it, it is worthless. Rewards must have value, they must have a purpose, or they are no good to you.

    You have chocolate box, so do I, I have "Space Race", which includes "Dexter", about getting him to eat Candy Bombs from levels, it is useless to me, as I stated above, but for you, it would be a help in your game or device, because, you have not hit the end yet. But once you do, it will also be worthless, because 6 hours of boosters can not last 2 days.

    We both have daily bonus's, helpful if you are given something you can use.

    You are almost at the end. You will see for yourself, that is a different game then. Very, very limited. Only wed's, 1 day a week. That is pretty much it.

    You have the 5 gold bar fast race, I do also. But the difference is, I only get 1. You finish 1 race, then you get to start another 1, for another 5 gold bars.

    Well hon, hope you see the difference now. On Master List, you have it, I don't, on the Sugar Star Crown, I don't know what you win on it, in fact have never even seen a pic. of it.

    Even "reddit", wanted to know:

    Has anyone won this "hidden sugar star crown"? : candycrush

    But find it or win it. Then go ask, "How much do I get for showing you the "Hidden Sugar Star Crown"? So might be worth something, huh.

    Well nighty night.

    Cya's Origins7 Dale, 😀


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