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New crushing designs! Check them out!

Crazy Cat LadCrazy Cat Lad Posts: 6,141 Community Manager
edited June 3 in Discussions

Are you ready for some new crushing updates in the game?

You surely remember the Chocolate Spawner that got an update a time ago? It got this sweeter and a more modern look.

Now it’s time to update the Color Bomb, Magic Mixer and the Frosting as well!

The Color Bomb has the same yummy chocolate and crunchy sprinkles as before, but the Booster has now entered the 2020’s with this divine design. 

The frosting will still have one to five layers, but the chocolate layers that we’ve been clearing since 2012 have been switched to strawberry swirls. Two swirls will get removed for every hit you make.

The Magic Mixer will continue mixing and making blockers as usual, but has now got a similar design as the Chocolate Spawner. You can easily see when it’s empty, half full or full, so you can be prepared for the challenge on these levels. 

Remember to update the app to get all new content and the new tasty designs!



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