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Stuck in level 783!

Sofia1992 Posts: 2,526 Level 5

Hello everyone.

I need your help please...~

(Prepare for story time).

Today when I opened my game, Nutcracker appeared and asked my help.

He said that Tiffi hid his toy box and he couldn't find it so he needed my help. When I noticed that and since Nutcracker is my favorite character who helped me so many times, I decided to give him a hand.

(Aww..~ My beloved hero needs my help so I'm so ready to help him, no matter what.)

BUT...there is a good new and a bad new in this situation.

The good new is that his toy box is in level 784 which it is next to level 783 that I'm now.

BUT...the bad new is that I can't pass level 783. It's a nightmare, super hardcore level. Take a look at it and you will understand.

The goal is to collect 12 color bombs and it has ONLY 17 moves.


HOW? How am I supposed to pass this?

I don't have any boosters or gold so to pass it. I'm so close to help my beloved Nutcracker and I'm stuck in this level.

Please, help me. How can I pass this?

I will appreciate any tips from you! Thank you!~



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