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It is time to ask why?

All of us who play CCS seem to have very different games (for example, I play on mobile), and every time I realize that we ALL have something different:

Before we had air delivery, (for those who do not know what it is: It was a booster that you received in exchange for seeing advertising), now it is no longer there.

They removed the candy counters.

Dexter is sometimes gone for weeks.

They tell us that we can arm or adhere to an F5 BUT not all of us have that function or we cannot do it.

The booster robot is FALSE that it is improved; before having it fully armed it had 2 color bombs (now only one) 2 explosive candies (striped candies), and 3 extra moves, if you lost a level, you only lost the last upgrade, NOW if you lose the level YOU LOSE ALL THE BOT.

Finally, you received a free spin (extra movements) every 48 hours, now they have removed it.

I ask why? if it is a free game, they have taken all this (also the fun).



  • Glenn1972Glenn1972 Posts: 10,895 Superstar

    Hi @The_Wacha_kid , Candy Crush Saga is a very fluid game.

    The game Studio comes up with new features to keep our game interesting. There are many discussion areas that you can read about these changes and how best to make advantage of them.

    Let us know if you have any questions to help you with your game. Many players here are very eager to help others.

    Hope you have a great day πŸ˜€

  • Glenn1972Glenn1972 Posts: 10,895 Superstar

    Yes @The_Wacha_kid , I understand what you are saying. You must have been playing for many years. I have been playing for 7 or 8 years, never thought I would see 5000 levels much less the 7000 + levels now available. I do remember thinking I would never get thru the levels in the 2000's, they were tough!

    How many years have you been playing if you don't mind me asking?

  • FluffBallFluffBall Posts: 203 Level 3

    I am on level 3757 so I am familiar with the game, in the past at lower levels I did win the episode race unfortunately for me I can't manage that at higher levels I have contributed quite a few points to my fantastic 5 group but because so many more points are needed now that is very difficult to complete. It would be nice to have something like the sugar drops return for at least at little while.

  • The_Wacha_kidThe_Wacha_kid Posts: 92 Level 3

    From the last disaster, it only follows once more that it is to get us money (the main thing) and sell us their good advice to buy more. You don't need to be a genius to deduce that by removing the extra spin, you simply by chance had 1 in 7 chances of getting something, be it extra moves or a booster, and if for some reason there were no extra moves on the first spin, in the Second I was only spending 7 gold bars (and not 10), the small difference is that now it is by force if you want to advance.

    Is it a shame to be told that it was temporary, when it lasted for years and that it was part of a test group?

  • Kazza-3Kazza-3 Posts: 116 Level 3
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    There are so many things they describe as “test features” that have been around for years then they arbitrarily remove them using that excuse. How are we supposed to see that as anything other than an a way to get us to spend more $$?

    The daily treat calendar has also been changed, I am getting only 1 booster a day, we used to get 2 or 3 in the last couple of days. How can that be explained?

    Today I got a message - 30 gold crowns by Sunday evening & I win 3 boosters. Seriously? Without boosters to play with & no money to spend (there is still a pandemic going on) I passed 16 levels last week. 16 levels in 7 days. I managed 2 gold crowns in those 16. So now 30 in 3 days for 3 boosters??

    All they are doing is taking & taking. In return we get these new features that are supposed to be “exciting”. They are in reality a very poor substitute that just show King’s greed.

  • Von_3Von_3 Posts: 389 Level 4

    I recall that the timed games were removed because it was discriminating against those players who may have a physical problem such as poor sight, lack of finger dexterity or older players for example who may have slower reactions. It meant that those players could never hope to pass a timed level.

    This seemed to me to be a valid reason for changing the timed levels.

  • grrgrr Posts: 92 Level 3

    I used to think 'test group' meant a certain number of players were given extra features to see how well they were received, used, etc. Now it appears to mean remove a feature. At least I seem to be in the test group that keeps having things removed and nothing worthwhile (beanstalk climb) added.

  • mint_aeromint_aero Posts: 206 Level 3
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    Have to agree the term 'test feature' feels like a cop out, avoiding a proper/real explanation.

    Did you guys notice the pinned post titled 'new level complete message in the game'. That feature was present only around 10 days before being deactivated for analysis.

    Yet it seems, some other features need years worth of study and action then taken. E.g losing life when exiting board, without making a move.

  • The_Wacha_kidThe_Wacha_kid Posts: 92 Level 3

    El calendario de tratamiento diario también ha cambiado, solo recibo 1 refuerzo al día, solíamos obtener 2 o 3 en los últimos días. ¿Cómo se puede explicar eso?

    Hoy recibí un mensaje: 30 coronas de oro el domingo por la noche y gano 3 refuerzos. ¿Seriamente? Sin refuerzos para jugar y sin dinero para gastar (todavía hay una pandemia) pasé 16 niveles la semana pasada. 16 niveles en 7 días. Logré 2 coronas de oro en esos 16. ¿Entonces ahora 30 en 3 días por 3 refuerzos?

    To start this post, I want to thank all of you for entering here, (so we keep it current), since the purpose of it is to expose ALL that is affecting our performance in the game.

    @ kazza-3 let me tell you something, other than that you are absolutely right, 1 or 2 weeks ago was the Yeti challenge, and required: First pass 10 levels, Second get 5 levels with sugar stars, Third make 10 crowns. Result 3 measly boosters and that still did not remove the extra spin. Now as this, this challenge seems like a bad joke.

    @ Von_3 is correct what you say, it was a valid reason to remove the timed levels, but that; to remove the rest, what an excuse you have.

    @grr and @mint_aero to me also that term of test group sounds to me, as if we were laboratory rats, that for some things take years of study, and in others decisions are made very quickly.

    While it is true that market research does this kind of thing, we are the basis of your study BUT I think it should not be at the cost of taking money from us, (unless WE end up paying for that study).

    Please keep inviting more people here, to continue to know their opinions of everything that sucks lately ok.

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