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Open questions...



  • Spieler_8675309Spieler_8675309 Posts: 2,065 Legend


    When can I get the dynamic duo in Candy Crush Saga?

    Probably never again, click here.

    That was a nice little feature there, & now you should have the not-so-dynamic fraud-tastic 5 in its stead...


    This my 4th comment. Today, I have a set of questions to ask you people. Please please answer my question and I would be wondering yet another good response from @Spieler_8675309. Anyway here are my questions to the King Community members to help me out and also I am new to the King Community.

    Q1. How can we earn the Photogenic badge? I want to know clearly about it. I found many people winning the Photogenic badge, some even without writing a single comment!! How is this possible? I can't understand it. Please give me clear details.

    Q2. What is an avatar? Also, please tell me how to change it and where it is found.

    Q3. How to accept someone's answer. Many a times beside some messages or rather comments I found written "Accepted Answer". I can't understand how to do this.

    Q4. Finally, why aren't everyone of you giving me 1 kind of each reaction to me in my comments. At least, give me a Helpful reaction in my comments. Please this is a request to everyone of you, please give me at least a helpful reaction in my comment. PLEASE PLEASE!!

  • Spieler_8675309Spieler_8675309 Posts: 2,065 Legend
    edited August 12


    This is my 4th comment...

    Total # of comments/discussions are shown by the username there, ain't hard to figure that out.

    Go here to change your pic (avatar), then you'll also be considered photogenic!

    New ?s asked over here can be accepted (higher value of points).

    People are practically jumping over each other about that one; they may not care if they're right or wrong (& they especially don't care about their grammar), they just want to answer first (maybe have a better chance to get those points).

    And you better not sound like you're begging for reactions, or you might get some of these:

    OK, 4 ?s answered; & now 1 for you.

    Would this be your first account on this here website, or were you previously known by something else (maybe even banned)?

    It wouldn't be difficult to tell by the writing style, some are more pronounced than others.

    Could this be the @Dirty_Nurse (or someone else) in disguise?!?

    Your comments can be taken off the air (via PM) or you can fess up right in here, no judgements; but inquiring minds want to know.

    Come on, spill the beans...

  • Katrina_AKatrina_A Posts: 65 Level 3

    Looks like CCS are taking away features to “improve” the gaming experience. Am I the only one who doesn’t see the sense in this?!?! I have played this game since it came out and have enjoyed it immensely until they started making changes last year. All about money now :( CCS shame on you!

  • pgagnepgagne Posts: 190 Level 3

    @Spieler. Was that u on F5 team, along with Joueur? If so, it looks like we're are on same again. Cool. I'm the one that looks like I have a half smile or thinking smirk.

  • Spieler_8675309Spieler_8675309 Posts: 2,065 Legend


    Was that you on F5 team, along with joueur?

    Who were you tagging there?

    Plenty of zeroes on that one (not much happening here, yet).

    So you've already got a French & a German player there; all you'd need are like a jogador (Portugese) & oyuncu (Turkish) to complete your team of United-freaking-Nations.

    But (as you can tell by now) it's a different Spieler you have there, & you're the second one this week who thought they had this player on their team...

  • pgagnepgagne Posts: 190 Level 3

    @Spieler_8675309 . Yep, there's a few names starting with your Spieler. Isn't that interesting, same name, or at least the beginning portion anyway. Iffin a player is playing in different King games, could they be on more than one F5 team? This is kinda assuming that some, if not most or all, King games, have F5 teams. Also I was testing a theory of communication with teammates. I could go through the list of names starting with Spieler. Persistent not stubborn. Giggle. Enjoy

  • pgagnepgagne Posts: 190 Level 3

    @Katrina_A . Hi. I'm curious, in the beginning, did they have advertisements? Watch their video & collect a booster or life? If not, they do now. That's how I've been able to complete many levels in one Crushing session.


    Hello @Spieler_8675309, let me clear your wrong thoughts, this is my very very first account in Candy Crush Saga King Community. I never had a King Community account before, neither it was banned or disabled. I don't know what do you find with my writing style, but this is the truth. I am a simple poor man who has crossed only 1102 levels in Candy Crush Saga game. I don't know really who is your @Dirty_Nurse or @Clean_Nurse whatsoever. Please don't think me wrong if I ask for reactions. This is my request to you. Also, I would request you not to suspect people like this by their writing styles, by their user names, etc. I have just hidden my original name like you and nothing like that. If you do this further, I would also start suspecting you.

    Thank you for your help.

  • Katrina_AKatrina_A Posts: 65 Level 3

    there used to be challenges every week and sometimes everyday. Special events for Christmas, Halloween etc and also sugar drops which gave you boosters every day as well as the booster wheel. The robot bot also let you get extra moves/boosters on older levels too. It just seems to have diminished so much this last year.

  • Spieler_8675309Spieler_8675309 Posts: 2,065 Legend
    edited August 13

    Hey, you newly photogenic one; no thoughts are wrong (but suspicions are), unless they're dirty.

    There's no problem with lobbying for reactions, but they usually come naturally; & der Spieler can accept your explanation of being a new member.

    You certainly couldn't be Fast Freddy Typos, either (much different grammar/punctuation from that one); & you can suspect all you want, but you'll find absolutely nothing on this Spieler.

    Just assume that anybody can suspect anybody else by the pics & URLs they post/writing style/etc., everybody watches everything (big brother style).

    Good on you for your progress, keep it going...

  • Spieler_8675309Spieler_8675309 Posts: 2,065 Legend
    edited August 12


    If a player is playing in different King games, could they be on more than one F5 team?

    Sure, if they've got multiple game accounts; but (for example) the probability of two of their accounts being on the same random team would be slim to none (& slim has walked out the door)...


    Hello everyone, I am new to the King Community. I play the Candy Crush Saga game where I used to get gifts when I would win levels for 6 days in a row. But that thing is not happening now. Do anybody know anything about it? And for what basis is the number is given on our profile picture's frame in the game. I found that some players are above me in the rank because they have those numbers more than my one however I have more levels than them. Please help if anyone know it clearly.


    Wow! There was a Cold War between @Spieler_8675309 and @MILLENIUM. I found @MILLENIUM begging for reactions. So funny!! However, I have found amidst this Cold War between them I found both of them giving reactions to each of their comments. That was truly a hidden friendship inside with the Cold War going outside between them. Yes, correct @Spieler_8675309 , everybody watches everything, you watch @MILLENIUM , @MILLENIUM watches me, I watch you and everybody watches us. Thank you for your link which you gave to @MILLENIUM , I will also use it to become the "newly Photogenic one".

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