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[Finished] 🏆 🌟 Help Odus cracking the code and have the chance to win Gold Bars!

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Dear Candy Crushers!

Our amazing Superstars team has been working together and have come up with a series of community contest and puzzle for you to solve! Thank you so much @debrichmond @KimElston and @Elsa 🙌

Over the next few weeks, we’ll post four contests that will last two weeks each. Each one will be a puzzle for you to figure out. Complete each one and post the correct answer, and you’ll have a chance to win gold bars.

🌟🌟 Crack the Code contest: Let's help Odus!!   🌟🌟

This week’s puzzle is a math problem. Help Odus find the value of the missing number. Without his glasses, he’s having a hard time seeing the problem!

❕❕ Important: The answer must be posted using the spoiler feature or it won’t be considered as eligible for this contest. [Guide How to use the Spoiler Feature HERE ]

🏆 Prizes: 3 winners will be randomly selected from those players who submitted an eligible reply with the correct answer, and 20 gold bars will be added to their Candy Crush accounts!

🗓️ Dates: You will be able to participate until July 24th ( 10:00 CEST ).

Terms and Conditions here

Good luck everyone and happy crushing!! 🍬 🍬



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