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✨💫 What Candy Zodiac sign are you?

Crazy Cat Lad
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You probably know what zodiac sign you are and what your horoscope says, but do you know what Candy Zodiac sign you are born in?

Check here below and comment on the page what sign you are in the Candy Kingdom!

21 March - 19 April you are Minty. Confident, honest and enthusiastic. You are always aiming for the sugar stars on every level. That makes you the master of the trophies.

20 April - 20 May you are the Candy Cow. Reliable, patient and stable. Failing a level doesn't bother you, you will beat it the next time.

21 May - 20 June are the Tiffi Twins. Curious, fast and a quick learner. You are completely crushing this game, you beat the levels faster than any of your friends!

21 June - 22 July you are Señor Fizz. Sensitive, loyal and caring. You always check with your F5 team members how they are doing, your team is your family.

23 Jul - 22 August you are Licorise. Stubborn, passionate and warm-hearted. You don't give up when you get stuck on a hard level. Never.

23 August - 22 September you are the Jelly Queen. Kind, hard working and practical. Your sneaky strategy makes you the winner in the challenges.

23 September - 22 October you are Odus. Diplomatic, intelligent and cooperative. You think twice before making a move in the game to make sure that it's the absolute right move.

23 October 21 November you are Snappy. Brave, faithful and a true friend. You play the tricky levels for your friends as well to help them out when they are stuck.

22 November - 21 December you are Kimmy. Fun, generous and helpful. You love the events and bonus games and can't wait to see what comes up next under the events tab.

22 December - 19 January you are Misty. Polite, responsible and disciplined. Nothing is disturbing or annoying you when you play. Crushing is your meditation.

20 January - 18 February you are Olivia. Independent, passionate and a problem solver. Boosters are not for you. You like the challenge to beat the levels without any help.

19 February - 20 March you are Dexter. Wise, gentle and artistic. You know which Boosters are the best help for each level. That's your secret for the sweet success.



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