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Sweet Cinema - New Rewards 🎭

Leslie_BLeslie_B Posts: 226 Level 3
edited July 16 in Discussions

Just woke up to this new feature! SWEET DREAMS❣(Wish every morning started like this)

Perfect timing! I am totally out of boosters and am having trouble getting past level 7350!

Take a look!

I won a lollipop hammer and a switch. There was a zonk prize on my second try. You get 5 prizes out of the 9 tries. I played 3 times back to back. I don't see a clock anywhere. Got another chance when I went back to Events. Only had to play one time before I got to go back for more.

Would love to get feedback from others to see what they think.

Thanks King Team❣

@Diamond Lim could you please tag your active players? Thanks so much❣❣❣



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