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[Finished] 🧐 Win Gold Bars in an A-MAZE-ing Contest with Yeti 🍫🍫🍫

debrichmonddebrichmond Posts: 4,549 Superstar
edited August 21 in Contests
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We're so happy 😃 you're enjoying our puzzle contests!

💥Come join in the fun for the third of four puzzles the Superstar team of @debrichmond @Elsa and @KimElston have brought you!💥

😀 The third puzzle we have for you is an A-MAZE-ing MAZE! 🤣


Yeti has hidden his chocolate so well that now he can’t find it! Can you help Yeti find his chocolate?

Rules: Copy the maze into a comment box below with the correct path from Yeti to his chocolate without crossing any of the lines.
🏆 Prizes: 3 lucky players will be randomly chosen to win 💰 20 gold bars 💰 to their Candy Crush account.

🗓️ Dates: You have until Friday, August 21st, to submit your completed maze. (11:00 CEST)

Terms and Conditions here 🤩

🌺 Proud to be a member of the heart of the Community! ♥️ Strong together, kind and respectful, we are a TEAM for and of the community. 💕



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