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🏆💎️ Golden Path & Diamond Paths

Crazy Cat Lad
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Are you one of the top players that has a sweet tooth to crush even more levels? 

Hungry for some extra divine rewards?

If you are, get ready for the Golden and Diamond Paths!

When reaching the last level on the Saga map in the coming weeks, look out for the Golden or Diamond Paths button under the events tab in your game. 

Golden Path is a five level bonus game where you can win 1 UFO, 1 Striped & Wrapped Candy and 1 Color Bomb if you complete all the levels.

After completing the challenge, you can replay it to get even more Boosters. The next round will reward you with 1 Candy Hammer, 1 Free Switch Hand, 1 Swedish Fish and 1 Color Bomb.

Note that, if you fail a level, you will go down a level only.

The Diamond Path is a slightly tougher challenge, but the reward will also be sweeter.

The prize for crushing all five levels in the Diamond Path will be the ultimate Party Booster

Just like the Golden Path, you can replay the levels and the rewards will then be 1 Candy Hammer, 1 Free Switch Hand, 1 Swedish Fish, 1 Coconut Wheel, 1 Lucky Candy, Striped & Wrapped Candy and 1 Color Bomb.

Be careful and think twice before making a move on a level in the Diamond Path to make sure it’s the correct one. If you fail a level you will need to start all over again from level 1.

Did you get the chance to play any of the two brilliant events?

Any specific level that was tricky? What was your strategy to beat it?

Did you like the event? How many times did you play it?



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