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Fish not helping in Rainbow Rapids levels

tscheip Posts: 103 Level 2

Is anyone else finding that the fish remove random candies in Rainbow Rapids levels rather than helping you clear a path for the rainbow to reach the mold?

In level 7814, for example, there is a ton of chocolate and wafers on the board blocking the rainbow path, but when you release 3 jelly fish, they just take out 3 random candies on the board rather than the chocolate or wafers blocking the rainbow path.

In level 7814, lots of fish spawners are placed at the top of the board. Clearly, you're supposed to use the fish provided to help you clear the path, but you actually just get burned when releasing fish because they don't actually help you at all.

This level is just one example. I'm constantly frustrated that the fish could be helping clear the path for the rainbows but don't. Aren't fish supposed to help you somehow on the board? If there are no orders for the fish to help with, fine, eat a random candy. But when the goal is to clear the rainbow path, the fish should be helping with that.


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