Let's Candy-count from ⬆️ 0 to ⬆️ 8000... before the release of level 8000 in Candy Crush Saga!!

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Dear Candy Crushers,

Every week that passes, we are getting closer and closer to the amazing milestone of ... Level 8000 in Candy Crush Saga!

Together, we tried to count down from 8000 to 0 before the release of this level in the game (Win 10 players will receive first)... and we made it!

Check it out HERE

👉 Now... do you think we can count back to 8000 before the release of this level on Facebook & mobile devices?! Let's do it again, Candy Crushers! 😮🥳

Let's make it happen, Candy Crushers!

[Tagging @Diamond Lim @MightyWolf and @kiara_wael to spread the word! 🙌]

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