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🍰️🎉️🎈 Level 8000 in Candy Crush Saga is here - Lets make a cake! (finished)

Crazy Cat Lad
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Level 8000 is here!

Another milestone in Candy Crush Saga and what would be the best way to celebrate this than making a 8000 layer cake, together!

Yeti, Tiffi and Miss Berry Baker are already getting the party started and planning the cake, but a 8000 layer cake is a big challenge. So they need your help to make the biggest, sweetest and most divine cake to celebrate level 8000 in Candy Crush Saga.

What they need help with is to come up with different cake layers and fillings.

Simply post here what YOU want your layer in the cake to be. Is it vanilla cream, strawberry jam, chocolate mousse, pickled cherries, marzipan, lemon curd, raspberry coulis. There are thousands of different possibilities, so let us know what your favourite cake filling is.

All players that participate in the making of this cake will get will get a 8000 layer cake badge:

On top of that!

We’ll pick 8 players with a yummy filling that will win 8 Candy Hammers and 8h of Lives to their game when the cake challenge ends!

Do you think we’ll come up to 8000 different layers? Let’s see, we have four weeks to make this cake together.

Psst… You can post several fillings if you wish, but post only one filling per comment. Otherwise they will get mixed up on the same layer.

Level 8000 will be available on W10 on 7 October and 21 October on Facebook and mobile devices. You have until Wednesday 4 November 06:00 EST to participate and you’ll find terms and conditions here.



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