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🗳️🍬 Vote and choose the name for a new candy in Candy Crush Saga! (Poll closed)

Crazy Cat Lad
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Mr Toffee is giving us some shocking news! The Popcorn will soon pop for the last time in the game!

Don't worry though, a new candy will come instead and turn into a Color Bomb after a few hits and help us out, just like the Popcorn.

The new candy is still in the making in the Candy factory, but we have a teaser pic of it! Take a sneak peek of it here below.

The design of the candy will be ready and finalized on Wednesday 14 October, but we need your help to choose the name for it!

Vote and comment what you want the new candy that will replace the Popcorn to be called.

Is it Raspberry Treasure?

Licorice Shell?

Or Viola Surprise?

Every vote counts, so vote now!

The poll closes already on Tuesday 13 October 04:00 EST.

🗳️🍬 Vote and choose the name for a new candy in Candy Crush Saga! (Poll closed) 289 votes

Raspberry Treasure
Lady_ChooringobatkinDebbie-5Werner_Cichykiara_waelGlenn1972MatheusTheFishstaTimhungcandycrushinitEpc23nicci113tininha1975Fakhrimariacele123วิลาวรรณSofia1992Pounaweagr33n3y3zANNLEMASTERS 126 votes
Licorice Shell
Nora_CantyCrazy Cat LadPeter_TornarosHM100Sukanta_BiswasScooterpieMagda_RodriguesSabrinaMEvan_LeiSpinnifixfunkykingdevelopersAshrafAshenafi1234bt79NckPommynik1samirzidthessao[Deleted User]Marzia333 103 votes
Viola Surprise
Jessicaa_WelchFakhruddin-2[Deleted User]firebombmarkusKingChewymysticalmystybearwithmeMataiceAlisonNat09mowiesaknirun35404KaceCollDeepshikhaSharanRobinCorteLilaasiti_payung[Deleted User]Pitty_Kittymila_kovalenkoSheetalDubal 60 votes


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