The ability to Save Lives on Candy Crush Saga

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Hi Everyone

I was wondering if you could please make it to where you Level Up in the game (example 32-33) and you get 5 free lives if you can save them for when you truly need them (example when you get stuck on a level and run out you will have lives saved up and can use them instead of having to wait 30 minutes or ask friends on Facebook and waiting for them to give you a life.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post 😊

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    You get life from your friends and you can buy life if you want. Because that's how the CM would answer !!

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    Hi @michelereads !

    When you win 5 Lives in a an event it is always a reload of lives. Which means the in-game lives will reload to the full 5. Therefore these lives cannot be stored for later use.

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