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Which House do you belong to? 🍭🍭🍭🏡

WonderlandCentury789 Posts: 639 Level 3
edited November 2020 in Discussions

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Today is Sorting Day! Four new candy houses have been built at Candy Town. But these Houses are special. You can visit only one of them. And it's not just a random selection. It depends on you as a Candy Crusher.

Sorting Day occurs once in the entire history. Or, more accurately, everyone gets to participate once...and only once. If you replay the game, however, you can be resorted. Today, you will be sorted into one of the four Houses.

  • The Ultimate House. You are always at the top of the map or close to and is always waiting for new levels.
  • The House of Wizards. You know everything about the game. You can easily solve problems and find a way to complete hard levels.
  • The House of Sweet Challenges. You are always ready to handle any situation and loves seeking challenges.
  • The Sweet House. You don't mind if you don't get to complete the game. You just simply love playing it.

Which House do you think you belong to? Comment below!

🍬@Diamond Lim tags please! Thank you and I wish everyone a sweet day! 🍬

Which House do you belong to? 🍭🍭🍭🏡 52 votes

The Ultimate House
Albert_HeinrichPitty_KittyaijaziqbalSanjusRaki2 5 votes
The House of Wizards
Mary_KaySukanta_BiswasMountainMomYueyueyonahselcyme6412cotton42378Princess_lovelyMr_Peelymerwebekicrusherjaneezy 12 votes
The House of Sweet Challenges
Tzvi_Marcusiti_payungteresawallace44aryzimmer7CandyCrushIsCoolWilliam88ChrisMillerkukajbrebelchildbeauttifulGreymaneClover417millbilly80Icicle_246GlenysBmikemike74CCMagnumkennardcrawford69cozmotrilium 19 votes
The Sweet House
SpinnifixNat09NckSofia1992lilikoikisseslhalhaMollyMollscrabappleWonderlandCentury789Radiant456TheBrilliantStarAROOBAAnnwatAlexisB23wmrebulgurl68FlaringCrystal120 16 votes


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