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Become a Candy Taster! 🍬 🍬

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Dear community!

A few weeks ago, you helped us choose the best name for this program, Candy Tasters! [Check it out HERE!] Thank you once again!

Candy Tasters is a new beta testing program for Candy Crush Saga iOS players interested in helping the studio make the game even sweeter. 🍬 🙌

Do you play the game from an iOS device and you would like to taste new candies in advance? Become an official Candy Taster!

👉 Sing up HERE and join the beta “Tasters” panel! 👈
  • Play unreleased game versions up to weeks in advance.
  • Exchange and discuss ideas directly with the Game Team and other beta testers, in the exclusive ‘Candy Tasters’ forum space.
  • Show-off a special King Community “Candy Taster” role and badge. (See the exclusive Candy Taster badge below!)
  • Sign-out easily and whenever, by simply reinstalling the official Candy Crush version from the App Store.

How does it work?

  1. Sign up! - Candy Tasters beta testing program will run from January to June 2021, for iOS players only. If you meet the requirements below, you can sign up to join the beta “Tasters” panel!
  2. Install - We send you an email whenever a new version is available to download. Installing the beta test version will replace your previous Candy Crush app but you won’t lose your progress, Boosters or Gold Bars as long as you are signed in via Facebook or King Account.
  3. Play - Play and have fun! We will let you know which are the new candies to grab and taste.
  4. Share - Share your feedback in the forum space to help improve the quality of the game.


  1. Play on an iOS device (iPhone, iPad).
  2. Have your progress backed up to either a Facebook or King Account - and remember your credentials! 🙂 Follow this guide to be sure you have your progress backed.
  3. Be available to play on the weekends.
  4. Have the Testflight app installed on your device and agree to receive emails when new versions are available.
  5. Know your Candy Crush Saga Player ID - watch this video to learn how to find it.
  6. Ready? Now just fill in this form to participate!

That's all for now, Candy Taster!

Have a delicious day and see you around the forum. 🍬 🍬


👉 Sing up HERE and join the beta “Tasters” panel! 👈



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