Level 8349

Michael-6Michael-6 Posts: 277 Level 3

Previous version: 40 moves

Current version: 23 moves.

Bit of a joke surely? No change in level design, so what gives here? Any chance of some fairness?


  • Michael-6Michael-6 Posts: 277 Level 3

    Apologies, i got that wrong... it turns out it is 21 moves.

    So, that's almost a 50% reduction in moves on a hard level. There cannot be any justification for that other than trying to get people to dig deep in their wallets.

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  • Spieler_8675309Spieler_8675309 Posts: 2,956 Level 5
    edited December 2020


    Level 8349

    Hey there, Michael (& other players reading); welcome back to one of (if not) the most condescending & disingenuous communities on the Internet for those seeking some relief on levels that are buffed to the point of near impossibility of completing...


    Just clearing the keyboard (maybe throat) or whatever.

    But let's get those standard, canned clichés (which we see all the time, put 'em in italics) out of the way; shall we?

    Levels are being buffed/nerfed constantly, look at this!

    Yep, tell everyone something they don't know already.

    Look for current videos on the Internet of the level you're sat on.

    For this level (with 21 moves), really?

    Impossible, because there are none.

    There is one posted (with 30 moves), but that's all you're gonna find at this point.

    Players are always invited to provide feedback, especially on the latest release of episodes/levels (here & here).

    Well (full disclosure), der Spieler is in the Wednesday Clubhouse; but would not take part in that.

    There is no need to voluntarily give them information that makes things more difficult for players that reach these levels later on.

    And one more canned reply (for now) that you see all too frequently:

    Congratulations on the progress, you have made it this far; so you can do it!

    Wow, appreciate the compliment (not).

    But how about putting the level back to how it was (on Monday), is that asking too much?

    Maybe any of the super★s (@kiara_wael/@Sukanta_Biswas/etc.) can notify their team about it, & you can be fairly certain that none of 'em beat this one in 21 moves.

    C'mon, King; be fair...

  • Zand24Zand24 Posts: 3 Newbie

    It’s 20 moves, so they doubled down it. I ner played for so long on a level and haven’t even come close to passing it!

  • Spieler_8675309Spieler_8675309 Posts: 2,956 Level 5
    edited December 2020


    It’s 20 moves, so they doubled down...

    Wow, that's some despicable/evil/spiteful/vindictive/wicked s*** from those m************ c********** posing as levels designers/maintainers.

    But anyone completing this one in its current form can be considered to be among the best match three gamers on the planet, FWIW.

    The buffing/nerfing lunacy continues...

  • speiemspeiem Posts: 45 Level 2

    Im not sure this is possible to pass even with boosters? Was anyone able to?

  • bekicrusherbekicrusher Posts: 847 Level 5

    Yup, it's true, the level now has 20 moves. I couldn't pass the level with the necklace winning streak and I really don't like just throwing my boosters away. I eventually passed the level on my 7th or 8th try because of the timed boosters in the Fantastic 5 race.

    I however replayed the level today and win into it with no boosters and got surprisingly far (see pictures below), but keep and mind that I got an insanely lucky board (on avarage I created a color bomb every 3 moves).

    Gutta cavat lapidem non vi sed saepe cadendo. 💦

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