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Hello everyone! Currently in the community, there are a few games where the first player gives a word, and the next player gives a word that begins with the last letter of the first one. The rules of this game is the same, but what makes it even more fun is that you can only post photos of the object. The next player figures out what is the main object in the photo is and takes a word that begins with the photo's word's last letter. This is what makes this challenging.

A photo can only represent an object with one word, unless it does not describe that object in detail. For example, you can do "Candy Cane" or "Gummy Bear" or "Star Cluster," but it cannot be something like "Beautiful Flowers" or "Red Heart." And that object's name cannot be detailed. The object's name cannot be plural. If your photo shows two candy canes, for example, instead of writing "Candy Canes" write "Candy Cane."

Example: Gummy Bear (Once the game starts, do not write the object's name. Only photos are allowed.)

Next player should give a photo of an object that starts with R.

Example: Raindrop

Have fun everyone! The next player will give a photo with an object that starts with P.

Tagging some players to join the game.


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