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❄️☃️ Winter Festival ☕️ Give your feedback on the event!

Crazy Cat Lad
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The snowstorm in Candy Town is over and the whole town is sweet again!

If you played the Winter Festival event the past weeks, please let us know your feedback on the event.

Vote here below if you liked the event, but also comment your thoughts and what was the best with the Winter Festival.

-Did you like the storyline and theme?

-Were the levels too hard, too easy or perfectly sweet?

-Was the Hot Chocolate and how to collect it easy to understand?

-Were the rewards great or too few?

-Would you like the event to come back in a new design and theme?

-What changes would you like to make in the event if it comes back?

We want to know what you think about the event! Vote and comment your thoughts!

If you played any other of the events this Holiday Season, please give us feedback on it as well HERE!

❄️☃️ Winter Festival ☕️ Give your feedback on the event! 74 votes

Divine! I loved it
Tzvi_MarcuRhonda_P_KinchenSukanta_BiswasFreddy_[Deleted User]bearwithmeTimhungjeanpschristine88[Deleted User]paulitacrushhechicerillaDragonfireNix66djdiegokistrajdeeptbPrincess_lovelyBostonJewellKing_NealVikaLoveNika 46 votes
Sweet! It was OK
kiara_waelSpinnifixLaPattyteresawallace44wykoonisaandradeDieOmimiSoullessredheadcandiLadishana35crabapplekmartatumjohan1082010MitdrawcliffeSis1967Alma2090flowerbox12BroKelvinoscarflowerhaniran 22 votes
Salty! Not so sweet
brightstar1siti_payungAngelaCortemsmine76うふふFlaringCrystal120 6 votes


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