Candies self detonating

f3momf3mom Posts: 11 Level 2

When playing the game why have the candies started to self detonate in the last thousand or so round I have played? This wastes many lives and I am not able to advance as I was .

I am talking about wrapped candies and striped candies of different colors bouncing together and going off with just a single line destroyed Instead of allowing me to pick the time and destroy a 3line by 3 line area? Or color bombs just going off when a cascade hits? This is severely diminishing my enjoyment and is very frustrating.

I am am also not seeing ANY ads. I have seen ads from the start. Is there a certain level where you lose ads or is it because I started using gold bars more? And I even made a small purchase. (Which I won’t be doing anymore~ I just happened to have a little in my iTunes account and my kids were fighting over who got to pick the last few songs so I used it. Lol) I am only on level 1746.

i am am up to date on all updates, but I can’t seem to stop the spontaneous combustions. If this is a higher level thing then it’s obvious I have outplayed my welcome, as I prefer to strategize and can not do that if I can’t use my boosters the way I prefer. Or am I missing something?

Thank you.



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