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❤️ 📅 Valentine's Day Event Calendar

Crazy Cat Lad
Crazy Cat Lad Posts: 14,124 Community Manager
edited February 2021 in Discussions

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Love sweet love! 

Valentine’s Day is coming and you can really feel the love all around in Candy Crush Saga this year.

We’re starting the Valentine’s love celebration already on 1 February with turning all purple candies in the game into hearts!

You will also find the following events in the game.

Secret Crush - Purple candy challenge 

3 - 8 February & 10 - 15 February

Misty accidentally ate the whole box of candies she bought for her date on Valentine’s Day. She is now desperate and needs your help to collect new candies!

The purple candies in the game will be turned into heart-shaped candies these weeks before Valentine's Day!

Collect these lovely purple heart candies on your regular Saga map levels to help Misty and also compete against other players to win lovely rewards. 

On the leaderboard, you’ll find all scores, your position and how many candies you have collected so far. When the challenge ends, the top players on the board will win rewards. You can find the scoreboard under the Events tab. 

How many purple heart candies do you think you can collect before Valentine’s Day?

Secret Crush Event (3 - 8 Feb): How many Purple-heart candies did you collect? 💜💜💜

Secret Crush Event (10 - 15 Feb): How many Purple-heart candies are you going to collect this time? Let us know HERE 💜💜💜

Saga Stories - Nutcracker’s Secret Crush

1 - 5  February

Nutcracker has a secret admirer and he is trying to figure out who it is! Follow the Valentine's Saga Story on your map by keeping an eye on the candy wrappers.

Not only will you find out who Nutcracker’s secret admirer is, you will also get sweet rewards on your way through the story.

Who do you think the secret admirer is? Will Nutcracker be happy or disappointed?

Special Delivery

4 - 8 February

11 - 15 February

Keep an eye on the mysterious doors with a heart on the Saga map.

A special delivery with love will appear when you reach the doors and remember to get to there before the time runs out!

Who do you think will open the door when you get there?

Yeti’s Love Potion Challenge

9 - 14 February 

In Yeti’s Love Potion challenge there are three missions and you will have two days to complete each one. The more missions you complete the more Boosters will Yeti reward you with!

  • First mission 9 - 10 Feb: Complete 12 levels in the game
  • Second mission 11 - 12 Feb: Complete 4 levels with Sugar Stars
  • Third mission 13 - 14 Feb: Complete 7 levels with a Golden Crown
  • Yeti will give out all rewards from the missions on Monday 15 February.

Do you think you'll complete all three missions? Let us know HERE

The sweet celebration of love is not only happening in the game!

Celebrate Valentine’s Day in the Community as well and get an exclusive Candy Crush Valentine’s Day badge HERE.

Heart level challenge

By playing a “heart level” in the game, you can win Candy Hammers and Unlimited Lives to your game here in the Community. Head over to the competition and more details HERE.

💖 Happy Valentine's Day!

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