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❤️ Valentine's Events - Vote on your favourite!

Crazy Cat Lad
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Valentine’s Day is already behind us and we hope your weekend was full of candy and love.

This means that all lovely Valentine’s Day events have ended as well. 

We would like to know which of the Valentine’s Day events did you love the most the past two weeks?

💜 Was it collecting the purple heart candies with Misty in Secret Crush?

📕 Or was it the Saga Stories where you found out Nutcracker’s secret crush?

💌 Special Delivery with secret doors with rewards, maybe this one was the most lovable?

⚗️ Was the three missions in Yeti's Love Potion challenge the best event?

Please vote on your favourite, but please give us also feedback on your thoughts on the events by commenting below. 

❤️ Valentine's Events - Vote on your favourite! 72 votes

Secret Crush - Purple Candy collection
Peter_TornarosTzvi_MarcuJohn_58011SabrinaMMichele_Manringkiara_waelGlenn1972[Deleted User]bearwithmeSpinnifixjeanpsolyamtLa Ley3familyPcjMountainMomLoveth_NPChipadeeNix66carmenechevarria 57 votes
Saga Stories - Nutcracker's Secret Crush
SuperJamin1212Mad81AjijinMoulik 4 votes
Special Delivery
tashamiswaDieOmimipearlyc1pjosssie_04ChristinaMillerdozer533megabudzmainsey1690 8 votes
Yeti's Love Potion
[Deleted User]mayank256Schooling 3 votes


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