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Hello everyone! Starting from Level 8031, you will find a new blocker called the Sour Skull.

Skull Pedestal


Every level with Sour Skulls has skull pedestals. Skull pedestals, on their own, cannot be damaged. To remove them, you have to make matches next to the sour skull, which moves to a different pedestal each time it is hit. Sour skulls have five layers, and when the skull is removed, so are all of the pedestals. Pedestals can also have other elements hidden behind them, like blockers and ingredients. Once the sour skull is hit, it vanishes for the rest of the turn. It appears on another skull pedestal after all cascades have ended on the turn it was hit. Because of this, it is only possible to clear one sour skull layer per move. When a skull pedestal flashes it means that it will be the one that the Sour Skull will be on next time it moves. The amount of skull pedestals in a level can vary but usually there must be at least two of them so the sour skull can move. The sour skull's movement can be either variable or fixed. In some levels, the sour skull starts on a random skull pedestal and moves to a random one every time it is hit. In other levels, the sour skull always starts on the same pedestal and moves in a fixed pattern. In levels with more than five skull pedestals, the skull will not land on every pedestal before it is destroyed.

While the sour skull takes five hits to destroy, skull pedestals cannot be damaged by special candy effects or regular matches. Theoretically, if there was ever a level with skull pedestals but no sour skull, the skull pedestals would be indestructible.

Relationships to other Elements

The concept of this element is similar to the toffee tornado. However, it can move in a fixed position (it can only move to other skull pedestals) and only when hit. Toffee tornadoes, meanwhile, can move to almost any random tile every two moves. Also, skull pedestals flash to let you know which one the sour skull will be on next time it moves, while toffee tornadoes don't give any indication as to which tile they will move to next. Like sugar chests, rainbow rapid's mold and order locks, the skull pedestal is an encasing blocker that can only be removed by clearing a certain element. Once the sour skulls were hit 5 times, the pedestal pops, just like the bubblegum pop popping. When the sour skulls were cleared, it did not clear jellies behind the blocker itself, unlike bubblegum pops. It sometimes clear like rainbow twists, when a group of twists cleared and it doesn’t clear jellies. Sour skulls sometimes look similar to a rainbow twist grouping together. Like crystal candies, they are required for candy orders in the first level they appear in. Unlike just about every other element that can be required for candy orders, this one always requires the same amount in each level (5 sour skull layers). This is because sour skulls always have 5 layers. This can also extend to levels where order locks need sour skull layers to unlock but there are levels where less than 5 sour skull layers are required to unlock the order lock. An order lock that requires 5 sour skull layers to unlock will function the same way as a skull pedestal that the sour skull cannot land on.

Additional Facts

  • Sour skulls are officially the last element to be introduced in 2020. Licorice shell order was introduced later, but that blocker is a replacement for popcorn.
  • In levels with only one skull pedestal, the sour skull will disappear and reappear on the same skull pedestal.


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