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🌶️🍬 Hot & Sweet right now in Candy Crush Community!

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Welcome to the Candy Crush Community!

Here you can find all hot and sweet topics, threads, and trends.

What's the latest release and highest level in the game? Find all info HERE.

Leave feedback on the new levels directly to our Level Designers HERE.

📖 Help on Levels! 15 Best tips & hints on how best to play and enjoy Candy Crush Saga. More info HERE.

What's happening in Candy now!

🌡 Top That - New feature - Learn more HERE

🤼‍♀️ Friends Challenge - Learn more HERE

Other events/features in the game!

🌟 👑 Candy Crush Saga All Stars 2024 - All you need to know! - Learn more HERE

⭐ New Feature - Season Mastery - More info HERE

🗺 What is Adventure Path?- More info HERE

🍫 The Chocolate Box Revamp - Any feedback? More info HERE

🍭 The Sweet Choice - Learn more about it HERE.

🪪 Player Card - What is it and why is it empty? More info HERE

Important update about Fantastic 5! Please head over HERE.

Magic Shuffler! New Booster in the game. Find more about it HERE and give us feedback HERE!

Fantastic Wrapper - A new sweet blocker in the game! Find out more HERE.

Friends list & Invites - Find out how the new friends list works and how to add friends to your game HERE.

Set a Name! More Info HERE

Gold Rush/Level Rush - New Feature! More info HERE

The Royal Court of Candy Crushers. Nominate and find all Candy Crushers of the Month HERE.

Candy Crush Level Clubs:

Level 1000Level 2000Level 3000Level 4000Level 5000Level 6000Level 7000Level 8000Level 9000Level 10 000Level 11 000Level 12 000Level 13 000Level 14 000Level 15 000...

🌎 Where are you playing from? Let us know HERE!

🎁 Check out our Community Candy Contest and get a chance to win Gold Bars HERE

Find the most common issues and questions HERE in the Support section.

New to the Community? Find your guide for Newbies HERE.

📩 Email notifications: customise your experience in the forum! Learn More HERE

How to close or delete my Community account? Learn more HERE

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