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📮We need your feedback! A bomb exploded message

Pounawea Posts: 4,514 Community Manager

Dear Candy Crushers,

As you know, we are always trying to improve the game, bringing new features, events, designs, and also communication within the game. In order to do so, your feedback is really important!

In this thread, we would like to ask you for your feedback in regards to a specific message in the game that pops up right after a bomb exploded.

The questions are the following:

❓Do you understand what you will receive if you continue playing (Play On!)?

❓What do these boosters do?

Vote one of the options below and also share all your feedback in the comments!! We look forward to reading your opinions. 🌟

Thank you very much for your help, Candy Crushers!

📮We need your feedback! A bomb exploded message 76 votes

Yes, I understand what I'm going to get if I decide to 'Play On'
Lady_ChooMariesel_Elsa_Mary_KayTzvi_MarcuJohn_58011Kazza-3Christy0819Sukanta_Biswas[Deleted User]ScooterpieMerx_Gonzalez[Deleted User]kiara_waelYorben_GoereebearwithmekayninesDeepshikhaSharanjatzgr33n3y3z 63 votes
No, this message it's confusing
Peter_TornarosEvan_LeiSpinnifixNamTruong2001NckLa Ley3familytuftypcw368Cains_Mommastephn1106midasicecreamDukeSR8 13 votes


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