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Hi guys 🤗

The Candy Connection feature is an interesting feature of 2021 that allows you to keep your favorite friends on your leader board.

This feature allows you to remove random friends or annoying friends from the game and of course you can keep all your friends in the game if you want.😊 First you get the list of all the friends by clicking on the Choose Friend option, and you can manually select the friends of your choice then click Ok button.

You can select all the friends if you want by marking the Uncheck all button.

However, I have no idea at this point whether you can change the list again after you have completed the entire process, but I believe the list can be edited later.

Many of you are seeing right now that you can't find all your Facebook friends in this feature and in some cases have found just a few, this is due to a temporary Facebook issue which will be resolved later. Once the problem is solved you will get a list of all your Facebook friends that are not available at the moment. I have occasionally found all my Facebook friends but the selection is not successful and this is probably due to a Facebook problem.

Those of you who have already completed the selection process and got a few friends, please do not be disappointed because you will definitely find a solution and wait until our CM returns.


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