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It's just annoying.

I'm in Level 2716. Since a couple of weeks I Need many days until a Level can be completed.

Without any boosters it's nearly Impossible!

Thats Not fun. wants to rip off our money


  • FlaringCrystal120FlaringCrystal120 Posts: 3,047 Level 5

    Hello and welcome to the community.

    The best candies for growing popcorn are wraps, so take any chance to make them, especially if you can get them close to the popcorns. Stripe/wrap combos are also good and you can use the conveyor to get the combos together. Make moves under the mystery candy dispensers if there is no better move, this will give you some mysteries which can be helpful or bad. Because of the low number of moves this can be a hard level, but if you can work on making combos it is not that hard.

    Latest video here should give you some hints:

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  • Tiga3004Tiga3004 Posts: 2 Newbie

    Thats Not the Level i mentioned.

    In Addition to that, after nearly 3000 Level Candy Crush (mobile App), i Know which candies i should Go for.

    It would be understandable If i would Need a couple of lives to complete a Level.

    But Not that i Need so much lives each Level since weeks. There is no possibillity to win the Race or to get Points in Events.

    Thats annoying. I will not spend Money for that.

  • AlienscarAlienscar Posts: 545 Level 3

    Hello @Tiga3004 calm down it is only a game :)

    I won't offer you advice on how to play the game as having reached level 2716 you plainly know how to play the game. Here is my view on your issue if you are interested

    I am nowhere near the levels you are playing, but more than once I have been stuck on a hard or nightmarishly hard level for days. I am currently stuck on level 511 and have been since yesterday. This morning I have just used all of my five lives and now I am waiting until I have five lives again.

    Depending on your outlook my predicament, as well yours, could be looked at as inherently poor game design, or as a means of giving people a reason to buy things. For instance, if I were that way inclined I could buy lives, or a party booster to ensure that next time I play level 511 I get through it.

    My choice is that I will just wait and not buy anything as I have learnt that normally if I wait and keep playing a board will show up that allows me to beat tge level.

    King is a business, if people don't spend money then we won't be able to play their games, so whilst I agree with you that the levels that are really hard and force you to play them for days are really annoying and not much fun, as it is my decision not to spend money then I have to live with the consequences.

  • PriyacandyPriyacandy Posts: 689 Level 3

    It's hard level.. I know it's hard but already crossed many hard levels that mean you have ideas how to clear.. I know it's hard without boosters but try few more times..

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