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Comments - The levels in this week (9036 - 9080)

Albert_Heinrich Posts: 2,608 Level 4

First Comment for above levels by @Johnny_Crush

@Pounawea@Crazy Cat Lad,

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Since there isn't yet the thread about levels 9036-9080, I will post here a heads-up about them.

There are no impossible levels, nor levels that can give you the "oops" message if you use boosters (like level 8891).

The only oversight of the designers is the absence of a teleporter in level 9076. You will have to use a free switch if the cherry falls in that column.

All levels can be done without boosters, but in order to do that you will need a lots of tries especially in the levels 9037, 9073 and 9079. I didn't have that patience so these are the only ones that I don't have videos for them.

Using the pre-game boosters will be much easier and I can say that the next levels are the easiest ones recently.



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